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Company Summary

PowerVerde is a publically traded company organized under the Laws of Delaware, listed on the NYSE under the symbol OTCBB PWVI.  80% of the Company stock is held by a small group of investors who  continue to provide financial support to the company.  PowerVerde plans to raise additional funding through VC investors to fund manufacturing, sales and marketing of the proprietary technology.  The commercial machine to be produced and marketed by PowerVerde will be distributed and sold in the US, EU, Africa, as well as many countries in the Middle East.  All of these countries have contacted PowerVerde expressing interest in purchasing the unique renewable electrical power generation machines.


Complete resumes: SEC 10K (2013)

Hank Leibowitz, Senior Design Engineer             Rick Davis, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman                 

ORC Expert with 35 Years in                             25 years’ Experience Corporate Finance  

Research and Development                               Investment Banking and IPO Placements

Waste Heat Recovery Design                            http://www.martinezayme.com                                                                  


Bryce Johnson, R&D, Manufacturing                  John Hofmann, Chief Financial Officer

25 Year Expert in CCHP                                    http://www.jhlcpa.com

35 Year Expert in HYACR                                                                                        

Fred Barker, VP, Founder, Board Member         Mark Prinz, Engineer

Engineering and Business Consultant               Expert in HYACR Design

Retired Boeing Engineer

Company Information

All inquiries for PowerVerde should be directed to the executive offices located at:

420 S. Dixie Highway
Suite 4B
Coral Gables, FL 33146
(305) 666-0024


PowerVerde does not plan to launch a world-wide marketing or distributor system initially. After the new system is validated, a Sales and Marketing team will be hired.  PowerVerde will concentrate on the industrial waste heat market because of the many contacts and locations identified by Hank Leibowitz.  The established market of methane powered generators on dairy farms is also a natural end user of the PowerVerde co-generation systems.  

A presently identified and extensive customer base assures contacts for the PowerVerde Marketing team.  As interest and demonstrated product acceptance accelerates, PowerVerde will phase in a world-wide sales and marketing strategy.

Companies or individuals interested in exploring sales or marketing opportunities should contact PowerVerde.

420 S. Dixie Highway
Suite 4B
Coral Gables, FL 33146
(305) 666-0024


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